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What is a Community Foundation

A community foundation is a nonprofit organization created to meet the needs of the community. A community foundation serves three principal groups: donors, charitable organizations, and the community as a whole.
  • It serves donors by providing a vehicle to establish a permanent charitable fund. It also allows donors to make charitable contributions to already existing charitable funds.
  • It serves charitable organizations by providing technical and administrative services. It also strives to identify and address emerging community needs and to make or encourage grants to address those needs.
  • It serves the community as a whole by promoting local philanthropy in many forms.
In 1914, a Cleveland banker developed the concept of a community foundation. This allowed many separate charitable funds to centralize their administration and thereby reduce their costs and allow more of their assets to be distributed to worthy causes in the community. Today there are more than 700 community foundations in the United States. The community foundation is the fastest growing form of philanthropy and is often among the first to support the emerging needs of its community.

Invest in Your Community by Investing in the Tiffin Community Foundation


  • By donating to any of our established funds or creating a new fund at the Tiffin Community Foundation you are investing in the improvement of Tiffin and Seneca County, Ohio.
  • All donations are tax-deductible to the maximum extent to make sure your money is going to the community.
  • We offer various options for our donors by adapting to the vision of your fund and your unique needs.
  • We utilize the best investment resources.
  • We have a board of trustees that are experienced professionals with knowledge of nonprofit organizations.

Mission Statement

The Tiffin Community Foundation is a community trust for charitable and educational purposes to assist and promote the well-being of the citizens of the City of Tiffin and Seneca County, Ohio.


The Tiffin Community Foundation was founded in 1983. Attorney Charles D. “Bud” Hering, Jr. created the foundation with assistance from Warren Kahn of Fifth Third Bank. Attending the first meeting were the following charter foundation trustees: Mrs. Jane Frost Kalnow, Mr. Gordon C. Wagner, Mr. Fred Corbin, Mr. Fred Spurck, and Mr. Hering. Mr. Kahn served as secretary.
The foundation has grown to include more than eighty funds.

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