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Youth Advisory Council

The Mission of the Youth Advisory council of The Tiffin Community Foundation is to become educated about community needs and how we can help meet them by observing local non-profit organizations and taking part in the grant-making process.

YAC at the East Green edit

2017-2018 Education Schedule

October 19, 2017               Tiffin-Seneca Public Library
November 16, 2017           Local Museums
December 14, 2017           Tiffin-Seneca United Way
January 25, 2018               St. Paul’s Sharing Kitchen
February 15, 2018             SIEDC/Tiffin University
April 5, 2018                       YMCA/Health Alliance
April 19, 2018                     Grant Review

Student Representatives

Schools                         Seniors                         Juniors

Calvert                         Elayna Kapelka
Columbian                  Lydia Arnold               Aidan Huntington
Hopewell-Loudon      Zach Kreais                Mykala Reinhart
Mohawk                      Kenna Lacey              Alexander Lersch
New Riegel                 Cate Frankart
Old Fort                       Sydney Hossler
Seneca East               Courtney Heiser         Mykah Vogt
Sentinel Career Ctr    Lauren Theis